Always Dedicated and Devoted

BHB Civil Construction focuses on, and specialises, in civil construction and bulk earthworks, roads, project engineering, property development services and demolishing of buildings.

Company Overview

Since the start of BHB Civil Construction in September 2011 by Benjamin Hawley it was clear that quality will never be compromised. We pride ourselves on our quality of work and work ethic. We build our business on Christian values and believe that these values and ethics create a healthy work environment. The company is operated by the owner Bennie Hawley who has a lot invested in the success of this business. We believe that business success is not just profit but staff wellbeing and social responsibility.  Time has taught us that it stops for no-one and deadlines are not be missed. We work together as a team to finish the project on time.  Over the past decade we build relationships in our industry that empowered us to start BHB Civil construction. It is these relationships that we respect and build on.

Our Services

Civil Construction

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Bulk Earthworks

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Road Surface

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Stormwater & Sewerage

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Commercial Building

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Concrete Work

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Bulk Paving

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Asbestos Removal

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